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Old Capitol Soccer League

Brief Description
Activity:Milledgeville Outdoor Soccer (Learn Outdoor Soccer)
Listed in:Milledgeville, GA
Listed by:Georgia Soccer
Detailed Description
Georgia Soccer is the authorized state youth and adult association for Georgia within the United States Adult Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association, and through them is part of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Also, Georgia Soccer serves as the official National State Association of USSF making it responsible to act on behalf of USSF and provide licensing courses for coaches and certification courses for referees.

In turn, the United States Soccer Federation is the recognized national soccer association within the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), the worldwide governing body for soccer. Essentially, we serve affiliated member organizations throughout Georgia in both program and administrative support activities.

All of our affiliates organize and operate their own programs. Our assistance primarily helps strengthen their ability to provide good, well-rounded soccer experience for their membership. Most importantly, our youth & adult soccer affiliates benefit most by sharing their experiences and knowledge with each other.

In becoming an affiliate of the Georgia Soccer, a youth affiliate has access to all of our programs, events and activities related to youth play while an adult affiliate has access to all our programs, events, and activities related to adult play. In addition, our member affiliates have access to the highest level of training for coaches and referees. As well, Georgia Soccer offers many other programs that make the game of soccer possible.
Contact Information
Contact Name:Georgia Soccer
Contact Phone:(770) 452-0505