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"Kamikaze" Karate Tournament

Brief Description
Activity:Oklahoma City Karate
Listed in:Oklahoma City, OK
Listed by:National Karate Inc.
Age:3 - 60
Price:$30.00 per Individual
Days of Week:Saturday
Sign Up Starts:January 3, 2013
Sign Up Ends:January 19, 2013
Activity Starts:January 19, 2013
Activity Ends:January 19, 2013
Detailed Description
Sanctioned by National Karate, this event will start at 10:00 am and run to its conclusion. Discount tickets at $2. are available at National Karate at 7212 W. Hefner Rd. More info can be obtained at 720-6000 or by e-mail at jimbutin@yahoo.com
National Karate Inc
7212 W. Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, Ok 73162
Contact Information
Contact Name:Jim Butin
Contact Phone:(405) 720-6000
Rules and Regulations
Rules are available and given out in written form at the event, or can be obtained early at the NKI facility.