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I like FindSportsNow and am strongly considering adding this link to our website.

Amy Benevento

By Amy Benevento

Thank you for the FREE Listing on your site.

Bubba Gaeddert

By Bubba Gaeddert

Your site has helped us promote our youth basketball and NFL flag football to our community and surrounding areas. We have had a tremendous increase. Thank you for all your support!!!


By courtney

Last year we talked about entering events on your site. I was building a site on my own for the club, so this got put on a back burner. At our last meeting, one of the members had run across your website and mentioned it. Right away I said "Oh! I know that site!" so we made it a point to enter our event. I was impressed with how easy it was to do, and the map that is shown. We are busy planning for our 2010 walks now, and you can be sure we will post them. Thank you so much for a great site.

Micheil-Ann Gill

By Micheil-Ann Gill

Thank you for promoting Jendo Martial Arts in your site.

Dr. Grandmaster Jonathan Makiling - Abaya

By Dr. Grandmaster Jonathan Makiling - Abaya

Our name has been out there for years, but with FindSportsNow, our exposure has definitely increased. People are using this service to find and join exactly what they're seeking; the phone is ringing, people are walking in the door, and they are telling us exactly where they found our name. Direct referrals from FindSportsNow has almost doubled the number of daily hits on our official website. Thanks FindSportsNow!

Columbus Aquatic Club

By Columbus Aquatic Club

Thank you for your help in promoting the health benefits of yoga!


By Dawn

Thank you for your help in promoting our race.


By Francine

Thank you for the support.

Rich Katno

By Rich Katno

Super Site ... Even EZ to use for an old "Geezer" like me.

Cliff Irongeezer Eggink

By Cliff Irongeezer Eggink

Thank you FindSportsNow! I appreciate you having this service for small businesses! Your customer service is great!

Shelly Talcott

By Shelly Talcott

Love the site, good job.

Kristen Colwell

By Kristen Colwell

You guys are awesome. What a user friendly and complete program you have. I wish everything was that easy... :)

Hermine Higgins

By Hermine Higgins

Great site! Easy to register and add event. Easy to look for events too. Thanks!!

Katie Maxon

By Katie Maxon

I like your site. I found a place that trains you to be a dance instructor for free! Cheek2Cheek dance! I missed the training for this round, but will def apply for the next round!

Arlene Paraiso

By Arlene Paraiso

I like your site. And it was very easy to post. Thank you!


By Anne-Marie

Thanks! This is a nice resource.

Nicole Graper

By Nicole Graper

This really is a great idea, I had that exact problem trying to find indoor volleyball when I moved from college, it was a serious pain. Thanks!!


By Amber

Pretty cool site. I like the ease of it all. Good luck. I think you are on to something here.

Jerome Green

By Jerome Green

I just signed up and created our account. Thank You!!!!!!!!

Robin Snyder

By Robin Snyder

What a Great Site Bringing people to the sports they enjoy

Dennis Murphy

By Dennis Murphy

I have already told several people about the site, and I will continue to do so. Thanks again for providing such a GREAT tool for the teaching-professionals community...I'm sure it will help many people to grow their businesses, as well as helping to match interested people with programs that are just right for their needs. Keep up the GREAT work !!!

Steve Langen

By Steve Langen

We have been getting quite a few new members who said they found out about us from the web page - good work!

Marguerite Jorgensen

By Marguerite Jorgensen

This site is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Ron Fulmore

By Ron Fulmore

I just signed up for Bocci Ball in Manhattan! Man, I didn't know the city had other Bocci enthusiasts!!!

Ryan Johnson

By Ryan Johnson

This site helped me find an indoor soccer league. Thanks and SICK IDEA!

AJ Ubaque

By AJ Ubaque

Love the site by the way, I have sent it out to several of my friends in the fitness industry, Again thanks

Teresa Copeland

By Teresa Copeland

This is pretty cool. I will use it in addition to our own website.

Dean Rummel

By Dean Rummel

Congrats buddy! Looks amazing.

Eric Bach

By Eric Bach

Great idea! Believe it or not, I've been looking for something like this. I hope this site becomes big.

Miguel Isamat

By Miguel Isamat

This is a very creative and awesome idea!

Dara Hoberman

By Dara Hoberman

I want to get off my butt and get to doing something!

Jean P. Hachet

By Jean P. Hachet

I like the look and feel of your site. I think it is simple and to the point. The problem I have with other popular activity sites is that I get lost within them, they are so overloaded with info and 90% of it is some type of advertising. I look around a bit and then exit. I really like how straight forward yours is.

Devin Kelly

By Devin Kelly

Funny, I showed my mom this site yesterday because my younger brother is looking to play city football, so you are like a household hero now lol

Maria Ciampi

By Maria Ciampi

I think your website is a great idea. Our coaching staff and program appreciate having a place to advertise our clinics on the internet outside of our own athletic website. Thanks again!

Erik Supplee

By Erik Supplee




The new site looks super cool. Love it!!

Megan Horner

By Megan Horner

My event is now posted - thanks for the tip!

Cindy A. Jarvis, M.A.

By Cindy A. Jarvis, M.A.

The best thing about this site is the blog...keep up the good work guys

Andres Sanchez

By Andres Sanchez