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Wing Tsun Kung Fu classes. Free to try for one month.

Brief Description
Activity:San Mateo Wing Tsun (Learn Wing Tsun)
Listed in:San Mateo, CA
Listed by:Bay Mountain San Mateo
Age:Over 16
Price:Free per Individual
Days of Week:Mon, Wed
Sign Up Starts:December 5, 2012
Sign Up Ends:December 1, 2015
Activity Starts:December 5, 2012
Activity Ends:December 1, 2015
Detailed Description
Inside the Jr.Gym
101 South B Street
San Mateo, CA 94401
Contact Information
Contact Name:Sihing Andy Howse
Contact Phone:(650) 867-0470
Rules and Regulations
Please wear loose fitting clothes, out-door shoes are not allowed inside the Jr.Gym.

Our training method is cooperative. Competitive and un-collegic attitudes are not welcome. In Bay Mountain we all help each other to improve.

I am sorry, Wing Tsun is too dangerous for most children.